Thor is the Marvel Universe version of the Norse God Of Thunder. He is a founding member of the Avengers. 


As the Son Of Odin, Thor has even more power than his father.

Super Strength: Thor can lift over 100 tons, and is able to shatter bear steal with a minor touch. He is also seen being able to lift the Hulk, and badly injure him, although, the Hulk can do the same to Thor.

Lightning: Thor can hurl mighty thunderbolts down towards his enemies. Striking them more than once, to some three lightning bolts will kill a single opponent.

Immortality: As a god of thunder, Thor is nearly immortal he has never been seen to die like other heroes have in combat. Even some gods in Asgard have fallen, so Thor might be a favorite at Marvel Publishing or he is to good to be killed.

Healing: Thor can instantly heal from any wound or injury. Broken bones, a beat up face anything at all. He can also heal others by using his hammer.

Invincible: Thor is invincible from any attack. He's been badly hurt by The Hulk, however that never stops the god of thunder from unleashing never ending thunder.

Flight: By swinging his hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can fly at speeds greater than the speed of light.