Chat Rules

If you have any problems with the rules please talk to an admin or staff member!

  • No cussing
  • No spamming (Song lyrics count as spam)
  • No bullying/threatening
  • No sexual talk
  • No harrasment
  • No private information
  • You cannot forcefully take information about someone else
  • Don't give away information about others
  • No drug talk
  • No spoilers 

If you see any one of these rules being broken, please report it to one of our helpful admins or mods! Have a great day!

Wiki Rules-

Please no asking of private info, sex, harrasment, drugs, or spoilers for any kind of show! Thanks!

Please don't make articles about R+ movies and M+ rated games. It would be highly appreciated! Any pages that contain any form of R+ to M+ gmaes, videos or movies this will be deleted immediately. 

Notice-Please respect all staff (admins) especially when they ask you not to do something. Thanks!