Rainbow Dash in flight

Rainbow Dash is one of the Elements of Harmony whom represents loyalty. She is a female Pegasus from Cloudstale, and is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is known for being a fast flyer, and is a weather pony. She is one of the few pegasi to pull off a sonic rainboom.


Rainbow Dash grew up in Cloudsdale and lives in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash earns her cutie mark in a race. She was standing up for Fluttershy when fillies were being mean to her, and raced them to prove that she was better. The bullies called Rainbow Dash "Rainbow Crash" in order to insult her. Rainbow Dash shrugged it off and started the race. In order to win, Rainbow Dash performs a sonic rainboom and earns her cutie mark.


Rainbow Dash is a cyan pony with a rainbow main. Her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow, like a lightning bolt, coming out of it. She also has redish eyes. In Equestria Girls she is seen in a white T-shirt with her cutie mark on it. Over it she wears a blue jacket, and she wears a pink and white striped skirt. She also is seen wearing blue lace-up boots with rainbow socks.


Rainbow Dash derp face

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