Gambit is a charming master thief turned X-Man. He possesses the mutant ability to charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy, causing them to explode, he is also extremely agile because of his powers. Gambit's signature move is throwing charged playing cards.

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Baby Remy

Remy LeBeau, the mutant who would later become Gambit, was abandoned at birth by his birth father due to his unusual red-on-black eyes (they believed their child was of satanic origins). He was stolen from a New Orleans orphanage by the Thieves Guild and given to Antiquary, a collector of children, who considered Remy a perfect work of art. There he was given the name Remy and the title Le Diable Blanc (The White Devil), because of an old Guild Prophecy that spoke of a white devil.

However, Jean-Luc LeBeau greatly disliked the idea of the child being in Antiquary 's care, and arranged for Remy to grow up being watched by a gang of street thieves known as Fagan's Mob instead. At age eight, Remy met and befriended a young girl named Bella Donna. A few days later, he was taken in and adopted by the leader of the Thieves Guild, Jean-Luc himself, after a failed pickpocket attempt which had been secretly arranged by Jean to meet with the young mutant.


Gambit was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee. Gambit's first published appearance was in The Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 but this issue happens after his first full appearance in The Uncanny X-Men #266.