Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a popular parody of the Dragon Ball Z series, which tells the story of a group of warriors in their bid to save Earth. The parody follows the same story but with humorous dialogues and jokes. It first premiered on YouTube and has since attained the status of one of the best parodies in existence and has a large and loyal fan base The series follows the lives of Goku, his friends and fellow warriors Yamcha, Tien and Krillin, his son Gohan as they protect the earth from upcoming threats and simultaneously collect the seven wish granting dragon balls. Created by teamfourstar in June of 2008, it was renowned for its hilarious jokes and running gags, and the incredible voice acting which greatly resembles the original series.
Dragon Ball Z Abriged Parody


Season one focuses on the Saiyan invasion. Goku is happily living with Chi-chi and now has a son, Gohan. When he arrives at master Roshi's place " Kami house" he catches up with his friends Krillin and Bulma before being interrupted by Raditz who claims to be Goku's brother. He arrived on the planet earlier and was surprised to see earth peaceful and quiet. He states that Goku is part of a mighty but extinct race of aliens called Saiyans. Goku was sent to earth to conquer it. Raditz then kidnaps goku's son. With the help of piccolo Goku gets his son back but loses his life in the process. Before dying raditz says that his teammates will arrive on earth for the dragon balls. Goku goes to king Kai's planet for training while Gohan is unwillingly taken by piccolo yo be trained. After many adventures the saiyans arrive. Yamcha, Tien, chiaotzu and piccolo are killed By the large but childish and naive nappa. Goku arrives, having being wished back by the dragon balls, and quickly takes care of nappa. Then Goku proceeds to fight vegeta the other Saiyan. It is an even fight before vegeta transforms into the great ape. He wreaks havoc but his tail is cut by yajirobe thus his transformation ends. Gohan transforms but his tail is also cut by vegeta. After all fighting ends, vegeta attempts to flee when Krillin comes to finish him off. Goku stops Krillin saying that if vegeta is sorry he can leave. Vegeta then says sorry and leaves after taking it back. In the pod he is haunted by the ghost of nappa who has his own theme song.