Daredevil is a Marvel comic book superhero who has been featured in his own video game and has appeared as a cameo character in other titles. 
Daredevil 65

Daredevil (or Matt Murdock) grew up in hell's kitchen, a part of the city that is controlled by crime and had no signs of returning to a functioning part of society . But when he is blinded by an accident including nuclear waste, his remaining senses allow him to perform with super human skill and precision and he begins cleaning up his city with his red suit and whip. 

Gaming Trivia

An evil doppelganger of the character appears in Capcom's Super NES game Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems. 

Daredevil is seen playing cards along with Spider-Man, Captain America and the Punisher at the end of Activision's original Spider-Man game. (How he saw the cards, we may never know.)