Crescent Moon ID S04E10
Crescent Moon, also known as Crescent Pony, is a male background Pegasus pony with a light brown coat, darker brown mane, blue eyes and a cutie mark of a waxing crescent moon. Neither his name or title were given on the show, but they are used by other media and promotional material.

Crescent Moon makes several appearances through the show, usually in episodes in which other Pegasus ponies are also featured. He first appears in Sonic Rainboom flying through Cloudsdale, once when Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy arrive to the city and again when Twilight Sparkle and the rest of her friends arrive by hot air balloon. He appears again when Rainbow Dash saves Rarity and the Wonderbolts with her sonic rainboom. After carrying the ponies to safety, Crescent Moon takes Spitfire and carries her on his back.

He later appears in Green Isn't Your Color as one of Photo Finish's chauffeurs. Alongside Twilight Sky, he is briefly seen carrying Photo Finish's palanquin (the proceeding shot removes both their wings and changes his cutie mark to an hourglass). In Hearth's Warming Eve, Crescent Moon is an actor in the pageant alongside other Pegasi. He is later seen in Hearts and Hooves Day during The Perfect Stallion, standing alongside Star Hunter. He also makes several appearances throughout Hurricane Fluttershy.

In Wonderbolts Academy, Crescent Moon is seen in three shots addressing a group of academy cadets. In Games Ponies Play, he appears in Rainbow Dash's flashback when the Equestria Games are announced. An Earth pony version of Crescent Moon appears in Magical Mystery Cure, when he and other ponies are grumbling to Rarity about the weather she creates. In Rainbow Falls, Crescent Moon appears in several background shots and has a speaking role, first commenting on Rainbow Dash's flying ability and then being excited over the Wonderbolts' arrival with Orange Swirl and Sprinkle Medley. He later appears in Trade Ya!, appears as a flagbearer in the procession and in the crowd during the closing ceremony in Equestria Games, and appears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.


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