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Amethyst Star is a pink unicorn with a violet mane who is a background character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is usually seen in Ponyville and Canterlot. She shares her design with Lyra Heartstrings, Diamond Mint, and Lemony Gem, shares her mane and tail style with Rose. Her first main appearance is her trying to open a jar of peanut butter. Rainbow Dash tries to help her in order to be a "hero," but Amethyst declines.


In scenes with parties, Amethyst wears a yellow saddle and a yellow flower tucked into her hair. She first appears in Friendship is Magic Part 1 as Twilight Sparkle is seen running past her. She remained in sight when Pinkie Pie threw Twilight a party. In Winter Wrap up she is leader of the animal team, and also helps in ice-carving with the weather team.


From The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Rainbow Dash: You'd better let me handle this, ma'am! For your own safety, I must ask you to stand back!
Amethyst Star: Oh brother...
Rainbow Dash: Ta-dah!
Amethyst Star: Uh... Thanks.
Rainbow Dash: How would you describe what I just did? Would you say I was amazing?
Amethyst Star: Aren't you milking this a bit?
Rainbow Dash: Please, just answer the question! Was I, or was I not, amazing?
Amethyst Star: Oh, you're amazing all right. An amazingly--
Rainbow Dash: Oh, look!


Cropped Amethyst Star carrying hedgehog during song S1E11

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